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School Development Fund


Dear Parents and Guardians 

Welcome to St Bede’s School, if this is your first child, we are sure everyone connected with the school will make you feel very welcome and part of our community.  

So what is the School Development Fund then?

All improvements to the school that we undertake have to be underwritten by a 10% payment from the School Development Fund, for example this summer we will be spending somewhere around £90,000 improving your child’s school and the 10% i.e. £9,000 has to be funded by the Governors from your generous donations to the fund, which without such kindness the work just could not take place.

Some examples of work recently completed include redecoration of the nursery block and junior blocks last year. This summer we will be re-roofing the infant block, putting tarmac on the footpath and positioning new security gates to the side of the school. We endeavour to ensure the fabric of the school is kept in a tip top condition making the school a nice place to work and learn.

If you already have a child at the school hopefully you are already pledging money by direct debit for which we thank you. For new families the governing body ask for a donation by direct debit once a month of £5 or one off yearly payment of £60 per annum this covers your family and is not per child.

If everybody made this commitment we could raise across the school approx £18,000 which would enable us to continually improve your child’s school knowing we have money coming in on a regular and organised basis.

We thank you in advance for your kind donations, if you could fill out the attached direct debit mandate (over page) and return to the school we would be grateful. Just a small thought £5 per month may not be much in money terms but the collective good it will do when we all work together will have a great impact on your children.

If you do not wish to complete a direct debit any form of payment by cheque (payable to St Bede’s School Development Fund) or cash would be welcome.

The governors of the school thank you and once again welcome you to our community.

St Bede’s Governing Body

Gift Aid Declaration Form

If you are a UK taxpayer, the value of all your donations to the School Development Fund could increase by nearly a third at no extra cost to you.  Please click on the below link and complete the Gift Aid declaration form.  This form should be completed whether you choose to contribute via standing order or via cash / cheque to the school directly.
St Bede's School Development Gift Fund - Gift Aid Fund

Banker's Standing Order

If you wish to contribute to the school development fund by Bankers' Standing Order. Please click on the below link. Print and complete the form and return it to the school marked "For the attention of Mrs T Lawlor St Bede's School Development Fund".
St Bede's School Development Gift Fund - Banker's Standing Order