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Link to OpenCheck - information re. school closure in event of bad weather etc
(please select Authority: Redbridge/School: St Bede's Catholic Primary School in "Options" section)
Information re. OpenCheck (if checking via telephone on poster, school DFE no. is 3173506)


Parental Consultation Info.

Link to Parental Consultation Booking System

Letter re. logging in and booking appointments

Please email any queries relating to this system or appointments to

Photo Ordering

Link to Photo Ordering website (


Samaritan's Purse: Operation Christmas Child

We will arrange for collection of all filled boxes so you do not need to drop it off.
Thank you for your support.

Link to Pupil Survey
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Pupil Survey 2019



2019-2020 Information
General Letters (2019-2020)

Trip Letters (2019-2020)

Y2 SATs meeting (17 October)

Y6: Junior Citizen Project (18 November)

Y6: Trip to Royal Gunpowder Mills (8 October)


Club Information (2019-2020) Letters from Headteacher (2019-2020)






2018-2019 Information
General Letters (2018-2019)

Trip Letters (2018-2019)

Link to Parent Factsheet - Your child's screentime

Link to Parent Questionnaire

Screen time:how to keep your child safe

Groupcall app letter

"Journey in Love" meeting Yrs 5&6:
2 May 2019

Internet Safety Letter to Yrs 3 & 4

Parent Advocate Spring 2019

Letter re. phone lines: 7 January 2019

Christmas Party letter

Parent Advocate Autumn 2018

School Meals: Year 3 only
(from November 2018)

Your child's account MUST be in credit before you can order a lunch

Acceptable Use Agreement: Nursery and Reception

Acceptable Use Agreement: Ys1-5

Mini-book letter: Y6

GDPR letter: Nursery and Reception

Y2 Parental consultation cancelled

Parent Governor Elections with nomination form (29 October)

Parent Governor Elections: information letter (18 October)

GDPR Information Letter

Letter to Y6 re completion of homework

Black History Month information

Letter to Y5 Families re Fortnite Battle Royale

Thriftwood trip reminders: Y2, 3 & 6

Y1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6: Thriftwood

Y4 Trip to Harry Potter World: 17 May 2019

Y2 Trip to St Paul's Cathedral: 22 March 2019

Y5 Trip to Walsingham House: 21 March 2019

Choir: December 2018 events

Y3: Trip to Redbridge Drama Centre on
30 November 2018

Y6: reminder letter re. trip to Royal Gunpowder
Mills on 17 October 2018

Y6: Trip to Royal Gunpowder Mills

Club Information (2018-2019) Letters from Headteacher (2018-2019)

Football Yr 5 & Yr 6

Multi-skills Yr 3 & Yr 4

Multi-skills Yr 5 & Yr 6

Parent Fact sheet - Screen time

Head teacher's termly letter

Local Area Gasworks

Online Safety Update

Head's letter

LSCB Tutoring leaflet

Head teacher's termly letter

MAT letter

Head teacher's termly letter



2017-2018 Information
General Letters (2017-2018)

Trip Letters (2017-2018)

Letter to KS2 re Fornite Battle Royale

Head's letter(GDPR)

Letter to Yr 2 & Yr 6 27.4.18

Spring Parental Consultations and Book Sale - 26.3.18 and 28.3.18

Sport Relief Event - 23.3.18

2DA Class Assembly - new date

After school clubs and tutoring 27.2.18

Weather warning letter 26.2.18

Yr 3/4 Questionnaire

Yr 5/6 Questionnaire

Y1 Phonics Workshop (8.2.18)

Y2 Workshops (January 2018)

Letter re. Reading (5.1.18)

Choir Christmas Events

Y2: letter re Christmas Carol Concert (14.12.17)

Parent Advocate Autumn Term

Y2: letter re PJ day (21.11.17)

Rec: letter re resource packs and workshop

Y2: letter re future workshops

Y2: letter re. tutoring

Food Activies - Allergies

Secondary School Open Evenings

Y6: Production final arrangements and information

Y6: Production ticket request letter

Y6: IOW final arrangements

Y4: Harry Potter World (24.5.18) FInal Arrangements

Y4: Harry Potter World: 24.5.18

Y6: Trip to Bedfords Park - final reminders

Y6: Trip to Bedfords Park: 9.3.18

Y5: Trip to Abbotswick: 8.3.18

Y2: Magical, mystery trip 13.12.17
(note change of date)
- original letter

Y5: Trip reminders 30.11.17

Y5: Redbridge Drama Centre 30.11.17

Y6: Hargreaves 20.11.17

Y6: Circus Trip 19.10.17

Y6: Information Meeting re. residential trip to the Isle of Wight 2018

Y1: Thorndon Country Park "Shrek Day" 11.10.17

Club Information (2017-2018) Letters from Headteacher (2017-2018)

Y3 & Y4 Athletics/Gymnastics

Y5 & Y6 Multi-skills

Y 2 Zumba/Fitness/Dance

Y 3 Multi-Skills club letter

Y 4 Multi-Skills club letter

Y 5 & 6 Football club letter

Y 5 & 6 Choir club letter

Head Teacher's Termly letter to Parents Jul '18

Head Teacher's Termly letter to Parents Apr '18

Head Teacher's Termly letter to Parents Nov '17