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Extended Schools


Clubs Procedures

When clubs are offered at St Bede’s they are run by a member of staff or qualified instructor.  Clubs are run outside of normal class times and are usually during lunchtimes or identified days after school.  Clubs range between 30 mins to 1 hour (depending on the club).  Clubs are offered to all year groups though some are specific to year groups.

If your child has shown interest in taking a club, a permission slip will go home for parents/carers to sign, and should be returned to the appropriate person.

No written confirmation will be sent out though your child will be told if they have a place, before the day they need to attend. 

No permission is needed for lunchtime clubs.

We are very lucky to have teachers that are willing to use their time after school to take clubs so if your child is taking an afternoon club, please be prompt collecting them.

A full list of clubs and those children attending them can be found on Fronter in the extended schools room (via your child’s class log in), along with competition and tournament details.