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St. Boniface said of St. Bede that,
‘he shone forth like a lantern.’
Mission Statement

We are first and foremost a Catholic school; an extension of home and parish. Christ is at the centre of all that we do. We are proud of our Catholic Faith, which is taught and ‘lived out’ at our school. The Gospel teachings are explored throughout our day, and time is made to talk with God.

People are ‘key’ to our hopes. We value their diversity. We aim to ensure that each person in our school moves forward in their development as a whole person, made in the image of Christ. We want our ‘people’, big or small, to grow in their love of God and of one another. This is evident in our prayerful worship and joyful celebration of the liturgy.

The curriculum is rich and varied. We look to develop everyone’s knowledge, understanding and skills. We strive for high standards of learning and achievement: we aim for all children to reach their potential. We are open with children and parents about the progress that is being made; the cornerstone of our efforts must be high calibre teaching. We will invest in each person’s future. Our school is a disciplined and caring environment where each individual has the right to feel valued for the person they are, and the person they will become.

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